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Mesoteric meso-cocktails as the basis of SMART theraphy for age specific skin problems

Alexander Kuradovets
Dermatologist, cosmetologist, an active member of the “Society for Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine” (Poland).

Although the term “mesotherapy” was coined by French scientist Louis Pasteur and France is recognized as the homeland of this medical technique, the Spanish school is equally well known. Moreover, at present, Spanish laboratories developing meso-therapeutic products are top performers in the production of complex cocktails.

As known, monomedications, i.e. pure chemical substances, or cocktails consisting of a few ingredients can be used during mesotherapy sessions. Due to the development of medical science we learn more about sophisticated processes taking place in the cells. At present, an increasing number of techniques are being developed to control these processes. Therefore, medical specialists most often use several products to correct aesthetic deformities. Taking into account painfulness and high occurrence of injuries during mesotherapy sessions, the injection of several ingredients in one cocktail can be seen as an optimum solution. The cocktail may consist of available monomedications; however, it requires knowledge in biochemistry, dilution and compatibility of agents, which a practicing physician may not have. That is why the mistakes in self-preparation of mixes are inevitable. For example, phosphatidylcholine used for lipolysis procedure is not compatible with lidocaine. Nevertheless, many doctors try to put them in one syringe to make the treatment less painful.

The point is that lidocaine is an acid and phosphatidylcholine is an alkali and when they are mixed, inactive salt is produced.

It is very hard to calculate the concentration of the ingredients in the solutions, especially when the cocktail consists of three or more ingredients.

Consequently, the main trend observed in today’s mesotherapy is the use of pre-mixed cocktails developed and made in laboratories. It offers a tremendous advantage to medical specialists using such cocktails (Table 1).

Table 1. Comparative analysis of monomedications and cocktails for mesotherapy

Monomedications Pre-mixed cocktails
Affect specific elements of pathogenesis of age-related malformations:
• stimulate the synthesis of collagen;
• reactivate local blood circulation and lymphatic circulation;
• have a lipolytic effect.
Influence in an integrated manner on problems of various origin:
• stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin;
• restore activity of mitochondria of the cells;
• activate simultaneously blood circulation and lymphatic circulation
Doctors have to prepare cocktails for treatment Pre-mixed cocktails meet all quality standards
The cocktail is prepared by a doctor without considering pH of the solution and concentration of active ingredients. The cocktail prepared by the company is a ready-to-use sterile solution with well-balanced physical and chemical characteristics

The specialists of the famous Spanish laboratory - Laboratorio Expertisse Internacional, S.L. - have developed a wide range of pre-mixed Mesoteric cocktails for mesotherapy. The range includes 12 products (meso-cocktails and monomedications) incorporating achievements of the conventional dermatology and pharmacology. Each product combines basic therapeutic and additional effects (Table 2).

Table 2. The efficiency of Mesoteric meso-cocktails in handling different aesthetic problems

The specialist can make individual programs for treatment of any skin problems by properly using combinations of these products in treatment protocols.