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About brand

Every year the injection cosmetology is replenished with more and more mesotherapy brands and products, aimed at improving the condition and rejuvenation of skin. On the one hand, it gives a good flexibility to a specialist in the choice of optimal formulations for a particular patient and problem, on the other hand, it significantly complicates the ability to be conversant in the abundance of proposals and to select the correct product ensuring the desired result.

The new Spanish brand Mesoteric is a range of modern and reliable products for mesotherapy, developed by specialists of the well-known laboratory Laboratorio Expertisse Internacional SL, which provides specialists with the best opportunities for solving aesthetic problems of any complexity.

With almost 40 years experience in this field, the Spanish experts managed to compile and put together the rich practice of using classical mesotherapy components and the latest developments of pharmacology by creating a line of high quality products, ensuring optimal results. All of them, both Meso cocktails and monomedications, reflect current industry standards and are based on proven ingredients selected by doctors and cosmetologists of various countries.

Formulae of medications are balanced compositions and optimal concentrations of components with high efficiency and safety. Visible results of their effects on the skin have been proven in the course of own laboratory scientific and clinical research.

In addition to the main goal – serving as a beacon and fairway on the market of mesotherapeutic products – the Mesoteric brand offers professionals to explore not only the route of administration of the new line medications, but also to replenish their professional knowledge and skills in modern injection techniques.